четверг, 19 июня 2008 г.

BE AN OUTRAGEOUS OLDER MAN Action Guide For Men 50 & Beyond

Bard Lindeman, a prize-winning syndicated columnist and author presents an outrageously good read to help the male species learn about aging. His column, In Your Prime, has been published for 17 years and currently appears in 40 ,newspapers nationwide. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject of aging through his years as a newspaper journalist, magazine editor and author. Defining outrageous as "a code word for the independent, free-thinking, strong-willed mature adult" Lindeman divides his prose into six categories: get outrageous; the outrageous mind; the outrageous body; outrageous actions; outrageous relationships and your outrageous spirit.

This book is about caring and sharing. Lindeman cares about aging; it has been a major focus throughout his career. He shares his experiences and the experiences of others. The combined stories are full of wisdom and suggestions for what has worked and what can be used as a guide for readers interested in being the best that they can be in life's journey. Although the title suggests it is only for men, anyone who enjoys good writing will find Be an Outrageous Older Man fun to read. He loves what he does and it shows.

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