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Irresistible Recipes For An Animal-Free Diet

The authors are longtime friends, having backgrounds in baking and catering, and self-described "lazy vegetarians" whose love of animals inspired them to "go vegan." They present 13 chapters full of vegan recipes organized by category of milks and beverages, soups and stews, side dishes, entrees, breads and muffins, desserts, odds and ends and kids stuff. The last chapter, "Vegan House and Home" covers household cleaners, pet products and has recipes to use to avoid materials containing animal products.

How it all Vegan! is a great book for vegans, helpful for vegetarians thinking about it and informative for the rest who are open minded. NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL earth's secrets and recipes for skin, body and spirit

Dawn Gallagher, text by Melanie Menagh Universe Publishing New York, NY $29.95/hardcover 192 pages

Drawing from her studies in anthropology and her travels around the world, fashion model Dawn Gallagher presents an organic, multicultural approach to beauty care in this colorful, informative book. Natural Beauty is filled with organic beauty recipes using such basic ingredients as avocado and banana as well as easy-to-perform relaxation rituals designed to nurture a healthier, happier lifestyle.

She presents the treatments that women of different cultures have sworn by since ancient times. With step-by-step instructions and photographs, Gallagher demonstrates how easy the treatments are to prepare and apply at home.

For the spirit, Gallagher shares her knowledge of Eastern relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga.

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